For Sale
1986 Toyota

Contact Edward via email or txt or txt 360-878-1677
if I don't answer the phone leave me a message and when I crawl out from under the Truck I'm working on I'll call you back..

There are still some parts left but not many

1986 Toyota
5 speed Transmission ::$300::
Transfer Case Married ::$200::
Rear Axle Open ::$150::
Front IFS Axle ::$50::
Aluminum wheels 9.75X15 4" Back space ::$150:: pics #03, #05, #06, #07 Pending Sale
Warn IFS Hubs ::$80::
Front Drive shaft ::$50::
Rear Drive Shaft ::$50:
Steering box Manual with drop pitman arm (Busted mount holes) ::$10:: pic#12
Steering Colum with Key ::$75::
IFS roters and calipers ::$130::v Aisin IFS Hubs ::$60::
Break Master Cylinder ::$15::
Break Booster ::$20:
Rear frame mounted Break preload Preportion Valve ::$10:: pic#16
Upper or/and lower A Frames from Stock Lift ::$20 ea::
Dash ::$10::
Guage cluster ::$15:: pic#15
Hood Rattle can Green ::$20::
Rear Bumper with Class III Hitch attached ::$20:: pic#06
Fuel Tank ::$20::
In Tank fule pump ::$25::
Motor ::SOLD::
Exahust ::SOLD::
Front Fender Left in Decient shape ::SOLD::
Front fender Right bent to crap ::SOLD::
Grill with side markers ::SOLD::
Bucket Seats great Shape ::SOLD::
Bench Seat Good Shape ::SOLD::
4" IFS Lift with rear support Bracket Missing, 4" Rear lift Springs(no Blocks) Rancho Shocks ::SOLD::